The Conservatory is organized to provide opportunities for quality music education and experiences in East Central Illinois. The Conservatory promotes a lifelong appreciation of and interest in music in the community, welcoming everyone regardless of ability, age, race, ethnic origin, religion, or financial circumstances. Serving as a resource for music education, The Conservatory is the only not-for-profit community music school in downstate Illinois.

"A Vision for the Future"

The Conservatory of Central Illinois envisions a community of individuals enriched and educated through the arts and inspired by lifelong musical opportunities. Music as a universal language will unite individuals across cultures, time, and space and provide a bridge between schools and the community. Students of all ages, through their creative expression, will contribute to the ever-regenerating source of musical life in the community.

The Conservatory of Central Illinois will provide a quality foundation for students of all ages and abilities to reach their greatest musical potential and to nurture the creative spirit for personal growth and satisfaction. We will offer a broad spectrum of music education and enrichment opportunities enabling families to learn more ways of exploring the world together through music. We will provide intergenerational relationships through musical participation and opportunities to share the joy of music with friends, and peers in groups large and small.

The Conservatory of Central Illinois will serve our students and the community at large representing the arts in the community and serving as a resource for information about community-wide music activities.

Did you know...

Master classes and programs such as ensemble competition and certificate programs are offered throughout the year for the musical development of our students.

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