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The Conservatory of Central Illinois is committed to offering quality early childhood programs. Early positive musical experience is important for children. Music is a natural part of a child's life. Children weave music into their play, games, and exploration of the world around them. Musical activities provide children with important experiences that can help them develop physical coordination, a sense of memory, visual, aural, and language skills.

Contact The Conservatory to arrange to register for lessons or classes by calling (217) 356-9812. Prospective students and parents may visit The Conservatory's office at 100 North Chestnut in Champaign to discuss program and teacher availability.

The Conservatory provides a wide range of exciting programs for every member of the family. Students of all ages and levels of advancement may enroll for instruction supplemented by many stimulating related activities throughout the year.

Did you know...

Studies have shown that positive musical experiences have a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of children.

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